"Receiving Cosmic Energy" ~ The Bridge Between Two Worlds ~

Eres En3rgy ~ Services 

Honoring YOU as the creator of new life

Eres En3rgy=You are Energy  


Helping people healing, love and wealth using ancient healing practices.  Our energy is powerful when utilizing the Ancient Wisdom.  This allows us to bridge the gap of the unseen forces to bring back balance and higher consciousness to heal ourselves. 


 Our principles are based on spiritual teachings and practices by using fundamental elements to bring balance back to life and restore the health benefits. This is possible by activating the conscious mind and allowing the natural rhythm of the unconscious mind to restore vital nutrients to the physical body.

Our services and spiritual guidance  are powerful tools to help accelerate your healing process & awakening to enlightment into your present situation.

Our Healing Therapies Include:


This ancient art has been used for centuries and is just as effective today. Cupping will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and full of energy. Fire energy is used to release back pain, and allows the body to remove negative tension.
What cupping can improve:
Only $60 for 30 minutes
Shamanic Healing
Surrender yourself to the sacred healing of ancient wisdom. This session revitalizes your entire being making you feel energetic, and empowered. With the knowledge passed down from the Mayans, Aztecs and Metatron people, these healing powers open a portal to healings energies that invigorate the body. 
30 minutes of healing - $60
60 Minutes of power healing - $100
Reiki (pronounced ray-key)
By using the power of Chi I will heal areas of your body through palm healing. I channel the healing energies of the universe and transfer them into you to alleviate pain and discomfort. 
Reiki can help with:
Reducing stress and anxiety in the body 
Reduce nausea 
Help cancer patients with pain
30 minutes of healing - $60
60 Minutes of power healing - $100
Others Sacred Therapies available!


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4312 N 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85013


Available by Appointment only!!

About Marcela

Marcela Saavedra

Marcela Saavedra is an intuitive energy practitioner. Her intensive wisdom allows her to assist clients by restoring  balance in life and health. This is done  using her elements of energy and the body’s language of knowledge. She gains access to the tools she needs to create a powerful healing therapy.

~~ I am here to bridge your gap between the universe and your Soul~~