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"A trusted friend and mentor recommended Marcela when I was going through a challenging period in my life. I have to say that recommendation turned out to be a huge blessing! Marcela was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Not only did she help me with her energy work, but she was such a huge, positive influence which was something I really needed. She didn't just take my money and run, she was always there to talk if I needed or just called to check in on my progress which was great to have the extra support. She has such a huge heart for her clients and their needs and the results speak for themselves! I had a 360 degree turn around! She is truly the definition of a holistic practitioner because she makes sure to address the mind, body and spirit with absolutely no judgement which made me feel comfortable during the healing process. Her essential oil blends and beauty line are also amazing! All around very happy with my experience and highly recommend her to everyone!"

Yasmine F.


2016 was a year for me with some personal losses, health issues, and professional challenges. Fortunately, last February, I met and took a class Marcela gave followed by energy and wellness work with her. I am grateful to know her and receive the many benefits of her healing abilities and insights. She is a great listener and holistic practitioner who provides authentic support and valuable guidance.  I recommend Marcela to those looking for ways to improve their peace of mind and well-being.

Also, I have researched the negative impacts of chemicals in skincare products and found Marcela’s products to be truly natural, effective, and of high quality at a very reasonable price. So I also recommend them as a way to support health, self-care, and earth-care all at the same time.


Testament for" Mayan Immunity and Protection Blend"

My name is Scott and for over two years now I have been plagued with extreme health issues. Western medicine had NO answers for me and I tried all manners of specialist but to no avail.

My symptoms were chronic fatigue, GI problems and Immune system deficiencies and just could not always have the strength to go to work, I taught in High School and this condition forced me to retire early because I just did not have the energy to continue.

My Reiki Practitioner Marcela told me about this blend of herbs and I said I would gladly try some. Within a week I had energy, GI problems were gone and go back to being myself, I am an EMT and a artist, I now had the will to pursue life.

I whole heartedly recommend this blend of natural healing to anyone who has any of these problems!

Scott  Alamprese  NREMT





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